.The Business and Community Wardens provide support to the local community in terms of safety and security: in their distinctive Hi-Vis vests they act as both a visible deterrent to crime and a reassuring presence to the public. The primary remit of the Wardens is to remain vigilant to any acts of anti-social behaviour and low-level crime and report any incidents to the police to be promptly acted upon. The Wardens are also sources of information for local destinations and train and bus routes. They also direct people of vulnerable status to local places of support and refuge. Another role of the Wardens is to maintain static units of no less than three wardens at pre-appointed positions or Hot Spots designated by the Police and to patrol in groups the local and wider area.


The Purpose and Benefits

The overall aim of this project is to:

  • To create a safer environment and improve the image of the area.
  • Reduce crime such as shoplifters, anti-social behaviour and pick-pockets, through a highly visible and targeted presence.
  • Support vulnerable individuals such as the elderly, children, disabled and mental health etc. within the scheme area.
  • For the unemployed who volunteer as Community Wardens to gain experience, skills and training in order to enhance their employability.


Recruiting and Training

Good training is key to the effectiveness of our Warden Scheme. All new Wardens are given Induction Training when they start. Induction Training Includes:

  • Warden’s Duties and Responsibilities
  • Standard Procedures
  • Reporting
  • Health and Safety
  • Local Knowledge Of The Finsbury Park Area
  • Customer Service Skill’s and How To Deal With The Public

We have regular Police Training for our Community Warden’s which are carried out by members of The Met Police. Giving our Warden’s extra tips and information on how to become more aware and vigilant while patrolling the Finsbury Park area, what to do if certain situation’s or emergencies occur. Our most recent Police Training covered Anti-terrorism which the Wardens found most interesting and now have a greater knowledge and awareness since taking part.



We also offer a number of different courses such as the following:

  • Level 2 NVQ Certificate In Customer Service
  • Level 2 NVQ Certificate In Retail
  • Level 2 NVQ Certificate In Employability Skills
  • Level 2 NVQ Certificate In Business Administration
This is a chance for the Wardens to gain Qualifications without sitting through years of study and there are no exam’s to sit at the end.


The Key Functions of The Wardens

The Key Duties Of The Wardens Will Be To:

  • Support, assist and direct people to local services, deal with general information enquiries which may include details of Community Support Services, local shopping area, park’s, recreational activities, hospitals, police station, schools or places of worship.
  • Liaise with the Metropolitan Police and local authority on anti-social and crime issues.
  • Promote crime prevention initiatives such as handing out crime prevention leaflets to the general public.
  • Respond to the requests for assistance from residents, businesses, general public and signpost them to appropriate services.
  • Actively patrolling around Finsbury park station and surrounding areas, to provide a visible and accessible uniformed presence.



Regular surveys are carried out within the community to determine the progress and success of the Business and Community Warden Scheme. Success and determination will be subject to the following procedures:

  • Surveys carried out with members of the public who use the Finsbury Park Tube, Train and Bus Station.
  • Feedback from the Metropolitan Police
  • Feedback from the London Underground and London Buses.

The Wardens provide a vital link between residents and local service providers, including the police, district and town councils. The Wardens are a visible presence on the streets, providing reassurance and helping reduce anti-social behaviour, the fear of crime and crime itself. The Business and Community Warden Scheme has proved very successful and the residents can now receive the full benefits the Wardens have to offer. Business and Community Wardens are the “eyes and ears “of the community as well as for the police, providing a visible uniformed presence on the streets.

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