The Volunteers participating on the Business and Community Wardens Programme are from a wide range of differing backgrounds and cultures. The majority of the volunteers are unemployed and come to us as part of the Government’s Community Work Programme (CWP) initiative, from either the Jobcentre Plus, Urban Futures or G4S, in order to learn new skills or upgrade old ones for the purposes of gaining employment. We also have a number of people who have volunteered of their own accord, walking in off the street to become a Warden because they like the idea of working for the safety of their community and want to enhance their employment opportunities. In addition we have other volunteers who are in employment but who are nevertheless still committed to volunteering some of their free time as a Warden.


Individuals to make a difference to the local community

Become a local community warden, receive full training and improve your social and relationship skills



  • Rewarding
  • Life changing
  • Caring
  • meet new people
  • Unselfish
  • trustworthy
  • priceless experience

If you care about your local community and would like to get
involved, speak to one of our community wardens or visit the website to see how you can get involved