The Business and Community warden Programme is an offshoot of the Finsbury Park Business Forum, a not-for-profit organisation based in Islington, London which was originally initiated to act as a resource for business start-ups: offering information and guidance to people wanting to go into business for themselves. The Business Forum was borne out of a prior alliance with a collective of local businesses and organisations called the Finsbury Park Partnership which bid for and received £25 million from the London Development Agency (LDA) for the regeneration of the Finsbury Park area.

The Business Forum has always involved itself in the wider community and the Business and Community Warden Programme is part of this activity: a voluntary safety initiative devised to combat anti-social behaviour and low-level crime and to act as a springboard into work for the unemployed. The Wardens operate as both static and mobile units, standing in groups at strategic spots and patrolling the wider area to maintain a constant and widespread presence at the station and its vicinity. One of their duties is to act as an information resource for commuters to the area, directing them when asked to local Hotels, Hospitals, Schools, Restaurants, Theatres, etc. The Wardens are also instructed to identify vulnerable and at-risk individuals and to direct them to appropriate services and refuges.

Overall the Warden Programme offers a vital and beneficial service to the general public and to local businesses and organisations in the area and has the support and endorsement of Jeremy Corbyn (MP), Catherine West (MP), The Metropolitan Police, Jobcentre Plus and Islington Council.