The Business and Community Warden Programme is a safety initiative run by the Finsbury Park Business Forum. The Business Forum is a not-for-profit organisation which receives funding only through its membership and from no other outlet, be it commercial or governmental. Because of this the Business Forum does not always have the resources it needs to fund this Programme as it should be funded. For instance: the Wardens need to be equipped with all-weather clothing and supplied with tea and coffee. Because we have over two-hundred Wardens the costs that such exigencies entail is constant and cannot always be met by us. Moreover, it is critical that we find a larger office space to accommodate the growing number of Wardens, for which the majority of the funding needs to be found from somewhere. These are just a few examples of necessary costs the smooth running of the Programme entails.

We are therefore asking all those kind-hearted and generous souls out there to contribute what they can to this worthy cause. All donations, however large or small, will be gratefully accepted and every penny will be used for the maintenance and improvement of the Warden Programme.

So please give what you can. By donating to us you will be donating to the safety and security of your community.